10 Photo Ops in New York City Every Tourist Should Have

There are a few things everyone should bring with them when they come to NYC. The first thing is cash for cabs, tipping and convenience. The second thing is comfortable shoes and the proper wardrobe. But something far more valuable (at least in the long run) that you’re not going to want to come to New York City without is your camera. There are so many New York City attractions that you’re not going to want to leave the city without seeing, and chances are you’re going to want to snap a picture so that you can capture this beautiful moment forever. Of course you can take whatever pictures you want, but these are the 10 most popular.

Brooklyn Bridge

1. The Brooklyn Bridge. Whether you’re snapping a picture from the pedestrian lane or from afar, you’re definitely going to want a shot of this famous bridge. Or at least a shot from it. If you decide to walk the bridge, you can get some great shots of Wall Street, the Statue of Liberty and the New York Harbor.

2. The Statue of Liberty. Of course. As stated previously, you can get a great shot from the Brooklyn Bridge, or from a million other places around the city. You don’t have to ride over to Liberty Island on the ferry to see this lady.

3. Times Square. Whether it’s a picture of all the flashing signs and bright lights, the constant flow of rabs or a celeb you spot mingling about, if you like a good crowd, bring your camera this way.

4. Rockefeller Center. The most famous shots around here come in the winter at the ice rink or gigantic tree, but there’s also beautiful art, architecture and roof gardens to take note of too.

5. Top of the Rock provides one of the best photo opportunities in NYC. While you’re at Rockefeller Center, head up to the Top of the Rock and snap some pictures of Central Park, the Empire State Building and the city skyline.

6. The Empire State Building. Of course you can head up to the top and take a picture of NYC from up there, but you’re definitely going to want to stand back and snap a photo of this NYC icon. You get a great view of the ESB from Top of the Rock, but many of the great New York City tours will take you around to the best spots to see this building around town too.

7. Central Park. Of course the park is beautiful in the summer with green grass, ducks in the lake and people having a wonderful time everywhere you look. The park is also beautiful in the winter though, so bundle up and find the ice rinks around Central Park (there are two of them) to get some great pictures in the winter.

8. Grand Central Terminal. Luckily this is a shot that you can get no matter what the weather’s like. Winter, spring, summer or fall, the intricate decorations in the Terminal are always warm and welcoming.

Chrysler Building (
9. The Chrysler Building. One of the best views of this Art Deco masterpiece is from the Empire State Building – you can really get a good look at those gargoyles on the 59th floor and the eagles on the 61st floor.

10. Macy’s. This famous building has become one of the most recognizable department stores in the country, and it is Macy’s flagship store after all!

This article was written by Lizz Riggs, editor of NYCTourist.com.