Tunisia in North Africa may not be your number one travel destination but if you are looking for a destination closer home that offers sun, sand and beach all year round, Tunisia is terrific. It offers miles upon miles of sandy beaches along the Mediterranean, Arabic charm in its golden deserts, ancient Roman ruins, fantastic resorts and island experience in Djerba. All across Tunisia, you will be amazed at its exotic attractions on three hours from Europe. Souks, medina’s, Berber villages, salt lakes and olive groves adorn the varied Tunis landscapes.

Along the Mediterranean, Hammamet and Port El Kantaoui are perhaps the most popular resorts especially for families. Hammamet is particularly stunning with its whitewashed houses dramatically tumbling down to the pinkish sandy stretch of sand that collides beautifully with the deep blue seas. Port El Kantaoui on the other side boasts of its cosmopolitan appeal and yachts that crowd its exclusive marina. Other fabulous resorts include Skanes and Sousse (read more at cyplon.co.uk).

The Island of Djerba off the South Coast of Tunisia is a miniature representation of the mainland Tunisia with its mosques, souks, deserts, beaches, villages and resorts. It is ideal for those seeking less crowded resorts.


A UK countryside cottage is a classic way to enjoy the winter with your loved ones, family or friends. You will find charming cottages with warm fireplaces to fight the chill deep in the rolling dales, moorlands, alongside sparkling lakes, seafront, and hilltop or in wooded glens. With all the variety of locations for a UK cottage holiday, it is impossible to find a location that suits your expectations.

Cottages in the UK countryside are as varied as the landscapes; you can stay in ancient and unusual properties such as renovated farmhouses, cottages with wood burners, luxury retreats in rural areas or opt to stay in working farms. If you are looking for a thatched establishment with a Jacuzzi, hot tub or log fire, the UK countryside, has never lost its charm.


South Africa, just as the name suggests is the southernmost country in Africa that is ideal for a winter break. It offers a great deal of options for any kind of holidays including wildlife parks, glorious beaches, intriguing history, captivating beaches, world class dining and fine wines. It may be further away from Europe, but it is a worthwhile long haul destination.

Cape Town is stunningly beautiful and is compared to Brazil’s Rio de Janeiro in terms of its abounding natural beauty. You can capture its views a top the Table Mountain, where you can see the setting of the city from a vantage point. The Garden Route from Cape Town to Port Elizabeth offers scenic views of jaw-dropping coastline, lush valleys and historical towns. For an off the beaten path experience, try the road trip through the Western Cape, which is equally rewarding.

Aside from its amazing beaches, South Africa is also popular for its wildlife parks including the most famous, Kruger National Park. You can enjoy a self-drive tour in the park and enjoy the African wilderness in an intimate and special way. Whatever your choices for a winter break, South Africa has it all.