3 Things that made me fall in love with Tanzania

When I first wanted to head over to Africa the main reason was to see Tanzania, it was the country that just seemed to have it all! In my opinion it had everything that came to mind when I thought of Africa; safaris, beaches and of course Mt. Kilimanjaro!

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It goes without saying that I was excited when I got on the place to go on a long awaited trip to the country of my dreams, if anything I was more nervous because I was unsure if it could really live up to my expectations. I am so happy to tell you that it exceeded my expectations and I fell head over heels for Tanzania.

If you have never considered travelling there then I am here to tell you that you should think again! I really want to try and inspire more people to visit because I know what a great time is waiting for them there. Here are 3 reasons why I instantly fell in love with this magical country.

Meeting the real Lion Kings in the Serengeti

You can’t go to Tanzania and not take a trip to the stunning Serengeti, it is home too nearly every animal that you will have on your safari wish list. If you time your trip right then you will be fortunate enough to see the annual migration of the wildebeest coming from the Masai Mara in kenya.

Hit the dizzy heights of Africa

If you want a life changing experience and a real challenge then nothing can beat climbing Mount Kilimanjaro. There are all sorts of tours you can take, I chose the six day option which was big physical challenge for me. If I am honest it was probably the best and also the worst days of my trip, mentally it’s challenging but the rush you get when you hit the top is nothing you will have ever experienced before.

Take the train

One of the best train rides in the world has to be when you take the Tazara train, it’s probably one of the best ways to get across Africa. It’s a two day journey and one hell of an adventure! It’s not luxury but the views you will get from your window will stay with you forever, make sure your camera is fully charged!