You have definitely heard of eco tourism or eco travel start picturing yourself sleeping in a tree house or trekking in the rainforests. You don’t have to have a boring trip or spend your honeymoon in the Amazon to be a green traveler. As a matter of fact it is very possible to travel to big cities and still be environmentally friendly. Going green is as easy as still having your fun but still protecting the natural environment of where you are visiting. Many tour companies have understood the growing need for green travel and a lot of changes have been put in place to ensure to have fun the green way.

cycle green travel

Don’t hire a car, cycle instead!


Stay in green hostels or eco lodges

There are numerous green hostels and lodges in Europe that you can stay in. If you are not able to find one, you can stay in the other available hotels but stay eco-friendly in other ways .shut off the waters while brushing your teeth or soaping up and keep your showers short to save water. Turn off all electrical devices and air conditioning when leaving the room. Reuse your sheets and towels instead of having them changed every day. Give your hotel feedback and suggestions on any eco friendly programs that would be beneficial. If you are planning to stay longer say for a week, a month or even a year, serviced apartments can be a good choice you can check Go Native to know what they can offer on serviced apartments and facilities.


Don’t hire a car and recharge your batteries

It might be hard avoiding taking a plane to your travel destination, but avoiding hiring a car at your destination will still help keep the air clean. On the upper hand, you will be able to explore at a close hand and avoid the hustle of driving in a foreign country. Taking the train or even riding a bicycle for short distances might be better option for you will not only enjoy hands free ride, you will also help save the planet. An Ordnance survey map may also be useful to buy if you plan to move around by walking because it includes foot paths in the map. To avoid wasting batteries for your cameras and iPods, use a solar powered battery charger.


Go green volunteering

In an effort to protect the planet, get involved in ecological friendly activities wherever you go in a bid to recruit more go greeneries. In can be something simple like planting trees or garbage collection but the impact will make your trip more fulfilling. RSPB reserve volunteering is a good example and with over 30 RSPB reserves in the UK you should be spoilt for choice. The work is pretty simple and includes wildlife surveys and practical conservation as well as guiding tourists around the reserves.