4 Things to Look For in a Campsite

I have been taking camping holidays throughout Europe and the UK for a number of years now, and one thing which I have learned during that time is what to look for in a campsite. As I am sure that you can imagine, I have learned this thanks to many mistakes, and some truly terrible campsites! It is for this reason that I generally go back to some tried and trusted campsites wherever possible. In fact, I have just come back from Cornwall, a place that I absolutely adore, tent camping in Cornwall is still as popular as newer styles like glamping, and I absolutely love this traditional approach.  If you are looking to go camping soon, I wanted to share with you 4 things that you should be looking for in the campsite that you are choosing.

Kids Entertainment

If you are traveling with kids then you simply must ensure that the campsite has the necessary entertainment to keep the kids happy for the whole trip. You need to ensure that there are on-site activities as well as options to head out for backwoods fun, water adventures and other activities which will keep a smile on the kid’s faces.

Mature Entertainment

It isn’t just the kids that need to be kept happy, us adults are here for some fun too. Many campsites are literally just that, a place for you to roll up, pitch a tent, light a fire and look after yourselves. The truth is however, we all need a little more than that to keep us going. Make sure that there are hiking trials bars and restaurants and something a little adventurous for the grown ups to try.

Peace and Quiet

The one thing that comes to mind when you considering camping out, is peace and quite under the stars, something which you would think was a given, it sadly isn’t. Throughout the years I have been to campsites which have been next to busy roads, or some that have a night club on site, both terrible ways to ensure that you get the peace and quiet that you were looking for.

Firewood and Supplies

A camping trip is nothing without a campfire and you should ensure that the campsite has plenty on hand, as well some supplies to help you out such as fuel or firelighters. You will of course expect to pay for these, but you need to at least ensure that the campsite has some available to buy. Trust me, there is little worse than rolling up to a campsite after dark, only to find that the store is closed, or that they do not sell the equipment which you need to get a roaring fire going.

To ensure that the campsite has your requirements, be sure to make that phonemail before you leave, and hear it from the horse’s mouth. Don’t trust online guides, it is better to find out directly from someone that works on the site.