5 activities off the beaten track in Bali – West and North Bali

Bali is well renowned for its travel destinations, and you’ll see plenty of tourists from around the world in most corners of the island. But if you want to travel off the beaten track, you will find yourself navigating through the different routes and locations in this wonderful place and experience what Bali has to offer you off its beaten tracks.
Bali temple
You might be surprised at what more Bali can offer you, so find some flights to Bali and come see for yourself!. Read through to figure out which places can satisfy your curiosity when traveling off the beaten tracks of Bali. Remember, we only live once so stepping out of our comfort zone can make us learn that there is more to what is already known:
Western Bali
Jembrana is the western region of the island and Negara is one of the major towns in the area. This region is mostly covered by the West Bali National Park, the only National Park in the region. Hiking in this National Park requires you to have a guide, so you won’t get lost. Birdwatching is available in the Tegal Blunder Trail, an easy hike best for beginners. Rainforest scenery is visible while hiking the Gunung Klatakan Trail. The village of Medewi located east of Negara, the village is known to be the old Bali, when tourists were not so much in sight, dated in the early 1970’s. This village is popular for surfers as it has good waves to offer. Pura Rambut Siwi is an ancient temple located between Negara and Medewi. Visting this temple lets you experience an amazing view overlooking the sea with black sand beaches.Northern Bali
There are many routes to the north coast of Bali. Singaraja is the largest city in the region. Here you can find large public gardens, monuments and wide streets that reflects the colonial period of Bali. Pura Meduwe Karang in the East of Singaraja is a temple known for its many stone carvings known as the Nieuwenkamp which is basically a carving of a Dutch man in a floral sarong on his bicycle that has lotus flowers surrounding its spokes. Surreal!

Just look at Southern Bali will give you a reality check, this is where most tourists are located but going out from this busy region makes your traveling much easier. One way or another, asking locals what’s best to do beyond the South region would make your trip much more interesting. For the few picks i got for you, this amazing journey through out Bali will surely give you one awesome ride.