Carnivals are always guaranteed to take your breath because of the color-filled, fusion of cultures that make the event. If you have never been to one you or you just love carnivals, you might want to consider this five of the best carnivals in the world.

Carnivale- Rio de Janeiro, brazil

This festival held in commemoration of the various samba schools, is held in February or March every year. This four-day long festivities that is nothing short of throbbing, attracts about a million people every year. The music here is so infectious and sex and samba themes are the most dominant.

Oktoberfest-Munich, Germany

This festival that is often mistaken to start in October because of the name actually starts at the end of September. This legendary beer party often ends after two weeks or rather when the keg ends. Beside the beer, there is also live music and a parade and you will get to see the theresienewiese which is basically a big grassy embankment with beer tents. To avoid embarrassment keep in mind that in Munich, beer drinking is a competitive sport.


The five-day festival usually held in October or November sees homes all over the country light candles and lamps to ward of bad spirits. It attracts millions of people from all creeds and religions. It is a time for people to spring clean their homes and an opportunity to buy themselves new clothes. It is not only a chance to pollute air with noise by setting off fire crackers and bury hatchets and forget grudges by exchanging sweets.

Burning man-Nevada, USA

For a brief period in august or September, a week-long spectacle happens in Nevada. It actually becomes Nevada’s third biggest city during that period due to the fact that it attracts over 30,000 people. Though one is forbidden to sell stuff at the festival, there is a “no spectator” rule and everyone has to contribute something, anything towards that year’s theme. The culmination of the event is the burning of a giant effigy. .you cannot miss the battering of goods among strangers which gives the festival a friendly and unique touch.

La tomatina- Spain

This event also known as the tomato festival is held in bunol on the last Wednesday of august. Tens of thousands of people attend this festival every year for this celebration of bunol’s patron saint and the culmination entails tones of tomatoes being driven into the streets can dive and roll in it, throw them at each other until the streets are all red. The fun however lasts for only about an hour.