There is an ever increasing demand for English teachers in the world and teaching English is among the  most lucrative jobs that native English speakers can do all over the world. The part about it is that you don’t have to have a college degree. Here are some of the countries where you can make a kill teaching English;


Not only is the quality of life here high, it is also among the world’s most technologically advanced countries. The demand of qualified TEFL teachers in Korea exceeds supply by far and due to the competition the salaries are high. You might be able to negotiate for a six month contracts but they usually are 12 months. Working about 40hours a week, most employers will be willing to offer a starting salary or about 1900 USD a month in addition to airfare, accommodation and sometimes severance pay.

The Czech Republic

The people here are very friendly and the cost of living is low. Oh and the beer is really cheap. The demand for teachers is high and you can earn in the range of 750-1100USD comfortably. Your employer can organize for affordable courses if you are interested in learning Czech and also accommodation with a local family. Even though there are opportunities in the capital, Prague, it is recommended to start in smaller towns like pilsen where you can get a more authentic experience.


Great place to kick start your teaching career while at the same time enjoying the extraordinary sights and unique cultures. Though the demand for teachers is high, the salaries are low ranging around 350-700-USD a month. Don’t be discouraged because this can maintain good lifestyle and a will give you a starting platform while still looking for greener pastures.


This country with a booming economy has a large English teaching market. As long as you are a native speaker, you can easily teach English in china without a college degree. Salaries vary depending on experience but they are high .you also get additional benefits like housing allowance, airfare, paid vacation medical insurance and a completion bonus.


Getting a teaching job in Russia without a college degree is also easy because the demand is so high. The people’s hospitality and good humor will make up for the cold winter experienced in the country. With a population of about 140 million, opportunities can be found throughout the country but the best place to start your search should be Moscow and St.petersburg.Apart from the salary, most language schools will cover accommodation, visa costs, transportation and return airfare.