5 Eco Tourism Destinations

Eco Tourism is used to describe low impact tourism where people travel and have little impact on the environment as well as the people, it may also mean that the people from the destination actually benefit directly from having tourists, as opposed to mass tourism which is often owned and operated by people from other countries and as a result any financial benefits leave the country very quickly. Here are five Eco Tourism destinations to consider:



Jamaica is a small, beautiful island in the Caribbean famed for its pristine mountains, known as the Blue Mountains. These are relatively untouched and add to the serene scenery of the island. There are also a large number of eco lodges on the island, these range from bare bones accommodation to vacation rentals with every amenity.

Costa Rica

This is one of the most well known destinations for eco tourists and for good reason, it has rainforests, beaches and beautiful rivers for all to enjoy. Along with this it has a large array of wildlife to enjoy, such as monkeys, sloths and jaguars. Costa Rica is also home to a large number of wildlife refuges.


Norway is one of the best preserved countries ecologically thanks to strict regulations and laws put in place by the government in regards to fishing, whaling and oil (which is its main industry!). It has the world famous fjords (mountains with water passing between them), snowy peaks and a variety of wildlife. You can explore Norway by hiking, taking a boat in the fjords or mountain biking over the rugged terrain.


While certainly not well known as an eco tourists paradise, certain parts of India such as Kerala, a small state on the southwestern coast, have strict protecting the forests from being cleared and tourism officials are encouraging ecologically responsible travel to the area. This is one of the most unspoiled parts of the country and is home to many unique animal species and nearly a quarter of the country’s plan species.


This is a country with a reputation for its vast plains and arid lands that are typical of Africa, it is also known for lions and elephants. One of the best kept secrets about the country is the mountains, lakes, rainforests and beaches. Kenya is a dream for eco tourists due to the number of animal reserves and national parks where wildlife is protected . Little known to people are the pristine beaches and coral reefs on the coast, which are more than worth exploring.