5 Essentials for Your Caribbean Holiday

Is any vacation more idyllic than a trip to the Caribbean?  A Caribbean holiday is all about the sun, sand and surf, and is almost always coupled with a nice relaxing stay at a 5-star resort or aboard a lovely cruise ship that’s sailing through the Caribbean Sea. I was inspired by this article and I’ve written my own guide.

As relaxing and serene as your trip can potentially be, the whole vacation can be ruined if you don’t bring along the essentials that you’ll need in order to keep yourself happy and comfortable on your Caribbean getaway.  Let’s start with the first and most obvious must-have when visiting this sun drenched part of the world:


Protection From The Sun

SPF 100, anyone?  The Caribbean is hot, hot, hot and the UV rays are incredibly unrelenting. This means that anyone of any skin tone will need a good helping of sunscreen to be applied on a regular basis in order to have a good time and to prevent unsavory tan lines.  Forget the excuse “I want to work on my tan!”  Anyone can work on their tan in the Caribbean with sunscreen of SPF 30 or 60 (or even 100 for the ultra-pale folk/Irish skin).


A Good Book

The relaxed atmosphere of the Caribbean demands that you find a good book to read, so before you embark on your trip, try to nab a novel or two from your favourite authors and catch up on that reading that you’ve been missing while tied down at you job.  Better yet, bring an eReader. Most Caribbean resorts now have WIFI so you can quickly and effortlessly download the next installment of your favourite novel series while on your trip abroad.


A Good Liver

If you plan on staying in a resort in the Caribbean, then be ready to spoil and destroy your liver.  Almost all resorts in this area offer a continuous “open bar”, one which never closes (though some areas of the resort may close in the wee hours of the morning).  The bartenders and the servers in this area are well versed in all drinks from around the globe, so don’t be afraid to ask for one of your local faves.


Nice Luggage

Nice luggage is a must when you embark on any trip.  Fashionable luggage is always ideal, sure, and it’ll help you pick out your suitcases on the turnstiles at the airport.  But you want nice luggage for the simple fact that it’ll protect the items that are inside of it. You can get Samsonite cases from Luggage Superstore. They are hard and protect everything inside. They also look nice, which always helps. It’s important to get quality luggage, since you’re likely bringing home some nice souvenirs for family and friends, you want to make sure that they arrive undamaged.



Island life is laid back, to say the least.  While we city dwellers may be accustomed to getting things the second we say “boo”, those on the island take things at a far slower pace.  If you ever think that a drink or food order is taking too long, take a deep cleansing breath and look around at the beauty that surrounds you.  You’re on island time now, so you’ll just have to get used to it.