Everybody gets bored on long road trips and even worse if you are travelling with kids as you will need to keep them entertained at least when they are awake. Kids, especially, tend to be cranky, troublesome and agitated when they are bored. Being in a closed space, be it a small family car or even a trailer, does not make it any better. Here are a few games that you can play to make the long journey a breeze:

Name the song game

Turn on the car radio and scan till you find a song playing then ask the kids to name the song. The first one to get it right gets a point and at the end of the journey, one with the most points is the winner. The parents should also be involved and you would be surprised how challenging it can be to identify new generation songs and artists. With phone applications like shazam, you can quickly identify the correct answers.

The map game

Before you leave for the journey, print a route map you are going to use on the journey. To make this game fun, don’t tell the other people you are travelling with beforehand. A few hours into the trip, hand everyone a map and let them figure out where they are at that moment.

Scavenger hunt

It is one of the most common and fun car games. Before the trip, make a list of things that are likely to be seen along the way. They can be road signs, colors of cars, animals, car plates with certain numbers or letters and so on. You then give each person their own list and let them check off an item off the list when they see it. The person who checks off everything on their list first is the winner.

Famous faces

This game is more effective when played on roads where you have two or more lanes heading the same way so you are able to pass or be passed by other cars. The rule of the game is that when you pass or are passed by a car, you take a look at the driver and name the first person that comes to your mind as long as it is someone that everyone that is playing the game knows. It can be a celebrity, a relative or even a nosy neighbor.

The ABC game

Print a list of the alphabets and let each person check off a letter when they see something that begins with that letter.

Always remember to carry something for the winners to make the games rewarding and to keep the kids motivated throughout the journey.