Travelling is a lot of fun but it definitely is not a cheap affair. Sometimes while on our travels we may see the need to boost our cash reserves but what jobs can someone do while away from home? Although, I’d look into a few free tax calculators before embarking on any new job. If you are still wondering, here are some of the jobs that one can do in almost every country in world and get a chance for a little extra income.

Bar tendering jobs

A skill that can be learnt easily and once one has mastered the art it can come in very handy. Can you think of a country or even a city with no bars? The good thing is the application and not much bureaucracy is involved. Apply whenever you see vacancies and even if you don’t, just walk into a bar and ask because most of these vacancies are advertised via word of mouth. Just make sure you look neat and fake some PR and customer care skills and chances are you will get hired.

ESL teacher

Most English native speakers don’t need to training to be able to teach English as a second language. This trend is especially very lucrative in Asian countries like Korea and china where more and more want to learn English. The major qualification and most of the time the only one is that you are a native speaker and you are willing to put in a few hours every week.


Anyone can do volunteer work. All you need is to offer what you have got. It may not pay a lot or sometimes no monetary benefits at all but they usually provide food for the volunteers and maybe a little travel allowance which means you can save on lunch and fare. You may do it not for the money but also for altruistic reasons.

Au pair

Au pair is simply being a nanny with maybe light house work. In turn you may get a little stipend monthly and free food and accommodation. Travelers spend a lot on food and accommodation and jobs like this are real lifesavers. You also get to be part of the family and learn the culture of the locals. A lot of these jobs can be found online or just join an au pair placement agency.

Freelance writer/photographer

These jobs may not be that hard to find but they need skills. With the required skills you can work either online, offline or both. Offline include writing and taking photos for a local paper or magazine. You can also opt to apply online for jobs like writing blogs, content writing etc.