5 Must Do Things in Mauritius

A beautiful island off the coast on the African continent, Mauritius is blessed with tropical weather, a range of manmade and natural attractions and good biodiversity. It is one of the top luxury holiday destinations in the world, but if you’re wondering if there’s anything to do other than sit on the beach, then look no further. Here are five things you must do if you go to Mauritius.


Blue Safari

Blue safaris are ones that take place underwater, exploring everything the ocean has to offer. If you go for a sub scooter, you and another will be able to take to each other too. A sub scooter is an underwater scooter that you pilot yourself. It has a dome for your heads with an air supply so you can share comments or point out sights to each other along the way.


Dolphin Watch

Go on a dolphin watch off the Tamarin Islands and get a glimpse of Bottlenose and Spinner dolphins, as well as getting the chance to swim with them in their natural environment. Go out further and go on the search for Beaked and Sperm whales. Opt for a company that support sustainable whale and dolphin watching, and those that respect the animals.


Walking with Lions

Truly a once in a lifetime experience, this attraction has been bringing in tourists and locals alike. The walk is about 45 minutes to an hour and is confined to twelve people. You’ll be accompanied by a professional guide as well as a few lions! There are restrictions, however, so make sure that you know what these are before you book to avoid disappointment.


Sega Dance

This is the national dance of Mauritius, and has its roots in African slaves and their dancing to soothe their souls. Sang in Creole, the dance is performed without your feet ever leaving the ground, instead the rest of the body moves, with particular focus on the hips. If you get to see the locals perform it, you’ll be in for a treat, and you’ll probably get pulled in too.


Trou aux Cerfs

A dormant volcano, the views of the surrounding island from the top are second to none. It is covered in lush forest and an abundance of plants and animals.

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