5 Winter Activities to Try

When the first snowflakes descend, millions of people rejoice. People dress in their warm clothes. Ski resorts are packed and winter sports are in full swing. For those wanting more than basic skiing and snowboarding, here are five snow activity holidays to try:


Ice Fishing

The best part about ice fishing has nothing to do with the fishing aspect. There’s a satisfying silence during ice fishing. Sitting on a frozen lake in a portable chair, a hole cut through the ice. Waiting. Staring down at the dark waters below. It’s a meditative experience, ice fishing in the morning light.





Snowmobiling has the enticing thrills of high-speeds. Combined with the alpine scenery, it’s hard to resist. From frozen lakes to deep forests, they handle all terrains. Initially intended as a winter utility vehicle, they have been put to more recreational uses. There are many forms of snowmobile riding including freestyling, mountain climbing, and racing.



Ice Climbing

Born out of rock climbing, ice climbing is a wintertime adventure sport. The usual formations ice climbers conquer are frozen waterfalls, icefalls, and rock faces coated with ice. For beginners, there are indoor ice-climbing facilities to get a feel for the equipment and techniques. Once graduated to the outdoors, there are ice grades for all levels.





For those who want to take their skiing to the next level. Heli-skiing is off-piste, downhill skiing that can accessed by helicopter, not ski lifts. Heli-skiers are looking for ideal snow conditions hard to come by on land altered by ski resorts. The benefits of heli-skiing are powder snow, lengthy descents, and steep slopes.




Dog Sledding

Drive your own dog sled team over miles of winter wilderness. See wildlife such as a caribou or moose. Take in the frozen lakes, snow-capped mountains, or even the breathtaking northern lights. All while the wind slaps your face as barking dogs blaze ahead through the snow, pulling you speedily along. Enjoy a solo trip or join a race.