A Capital Idea to Visit Pretoria

Pretoria is the administrative capital of South Africa. As far as cities go, it may be overshadowed by the commercial strength of Johannesburg or the tourist attractions of Cape Town, but it is nevertheless a busy city that attracts visitors for business and pleasure. Those people visiting Pretoria are likely to fly into Oliver Tambo Airport in Johannesburg. The two cities are almost touching, and hence it is just a short journey to reach the capital from the airport. The whole road network is excellent and makes onward journeys very straightforward.

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Past and Present

Pretoria is often nicknamed the Jacaranda City because of the number of these trees found throughout the city. Its real name, in fact, dates back to settler days and its founder, the Voortrekker leader Andries Pretorius, and hence there is an ongoing debate about whether to change the name to one that may be more modern and perhaps suitable. Tshwane has been suggested, but it is yet to be confirmed despite being the name used for the Municipality District.

The city still has a large Afrikaner population, thought to be in excess of 1m, within the overall population of almost 3m in the greater conurbation. That is the largest concentration of non-indigenous people on the continent. There is a central business district as well as many monuments of the Afrikaans past. The result is quite a demand for accommodations, and boutique hotels in Pretoria are ideal for regular visitors to the city.



There are plenty of things to do and see within the city, some a contrast to the activities of a typical national capital. There are the Zoological Gardens for those with no time to travel to see the wonderful wildlife in its natural surroundings. A bird sanctuary and botanical gardens also provide places to enjoy nature, while parks and gardens provide green in the midst of urban development.



Anyone who wants to look for accommodations in Pretoria can look on http://www.tsogosunhotels.com/ to find typical quality hotels and assistance with what to do and see in the area if spending a few days in the city. Pretoria is a city that offers quiet surroundings for those who want them as well as proximity to the major commercial and administrative activities.

Pretoria is worth some time. People who intend to stay in the northern part of the country or perhaps even go north to Botswana or Zimbabwe will be made more than welcome in a city with every modern convenience. There are shopping centres, bars, and restaurants as well as a flavour of the history of the city. Whether Pretoria is a stopping point to rest before moving on or the last destination before leaving the country, it certainly bears closer examination.