A Cheap Trip to Angkor Wat

Cambodia is home to one of the world’s most mystifying places – the Angkor Wat. Rich in history and full of mystery, the Angkor Wat is one of the world’s most visited spots and here are some tips on how to save while maximizing a day in Angkor Wat’s splendor.

1 Decide which parts of Angkor Wat you want to see. For me, it was just the major temples so I bought the ticket that lets you in on the major temples. The one-day ticket cost $20 and helped me maximize my one-day Angkor Wat adventure.

2 Instead of hopping on a bus with a bunch of other tourists, it would do you good to hire a tuktuk driver. Tuktuk drivers cost way less and know their way around the temples so you can actually get to wherever you want faster.

3 Bring your own bottled water when you explore the temples! Keep in mind that you’d probably be walking most of the day so you need to keep yourself hydrated. Bringing your own bottled water makes you save money and ensures you that you’re drinking clean water. You can also buy soft drinks in cans for that sugar rush for only $1.

4 And last, if you’ve bought the $10 Angkor Wat guide book, you should definitely bring it! It would save you time not getting lost around the temples plus it helps you find some of the best places inside the temples. And, bringing it would mean maximizing that $10 you paid for!