A Good Time for a Change

The evenings are closing in. For those that live a life of overtime there’s a very real chance that in the near future you’ll be going into work and leaving it without ever seeing the sun. Holiday brochures of beaches and desert islands with their vivid turquoise waters start to look increasingly appealing. Maybe later in the year you’ll go on holiday for a week to soak up the sun and become the envy of your co-workers when you return home looking like a bronzed adonis.

How about reversing this? Why not have fifty weeks of tropical sunshine and two weeks of a European summer, or even a week at home for Chistmas? It sounds like a dream come true. Those are the fateful words right, dream, so once you’ve finished this article you’ll go back to browsing facebook while sitting in front of your desktop computer in your office cubicle. Two years from now nothing will have changed. You’ll walk home on a wet winters evening with the rain lashing your face and the cold in your bones and this idea will have been forgotten. Added to the pile of other fantasies that you never acted upon.

Well guess what. All it takes is a fraction of a second to make this happen, for the neurons in your brain to connect and send the fateful electrical charge that says it’s time for a change. The rest is just a formality. Administrative hurdles, forms that need to be filled, tickets to be purchased, boxes to pack and time. Maybe it will take you six months to achieve this or just two weeks, the important thing to remember is that it’s all possible. Even if this isn’t your dream, it’s all possible, but only if you make the first step.

Make the most of your life while you can. Experience the things you have always dreamed of trying. Eat the biggest juiciest steak before a doctor orders you to stop eating red meat. Climb a mountain before your joints seize up and you struggle to reach the kitchen without sitting down for a rest. Old age catches up with everyone. The older you get the more funerals you attend, mortality is just a reality we have to deal with, so make sure the glass is always half full.

This isn’t a green article and I didn’t spend very much time talking about travelling. I’m not going to apologise for this fact. All I hope is that one person reads this article and decides to make a change in their life, whatever that change happens to be. For everyone else, well I’ll continue writing articles about places that you wish you were. I’m just happy I made my fateful decision years ago. So I’ll say goodbye from my office on the road.