Earth Torch is a travel for those of us who are happy to travel the world, but not at the expense of a dirty big carbon footprint. We wanna travel smarter, healthier and greener. To visit 100 countries doesn’t mean to destroy our planet with huge airline tickets and excess gas consumption, but nor does it mean that we should spend our time hugging trees and tie-dying our tshirts.

We’re self aware but also chasing our dreams, and we hope you are too…



johnny ward onestep4ward.com


Johnny Ward is an avid traveler, with over 100 countries under his belt and still in his twenties. He favours traveling by land whenever possible (including trips from South Africa to the Middle East, China to France and Japan to Australia!), because air travel just doesn’t quite cut it.

He’s currently in Bangkok, Thailand as he plans his trip through the pacific islands then the ‘stans,should be quite a ride!





Phoebe is a writer who lives in the bustling city of Manila in the Philippines. Apart from staying in this archipelagic country she was lucky to slowly travel the world. These few trips fueled her to achieve more travels in the next few years.

She believes that getting lost is part of the journey while also exploring the city and relishing the cultures and delicacies.

Apart from jumping to different places, she works and to write (wherein working and writing does not make any difference). Her time is occupied with writing for a local tech magazine, starting up her own blog, and sharing travel articles.





Earth Torch is always looking for budding writers, bloggers, interns and travellers so drop us a line on johnny@earthtorch.com and one of our team will get back to you asap!