Best Small Cities in France

France is one of the great countries of Europe. It is so large and has so much to offer; yet most people just visit the same old places. Granted Paris is amazing and there are few better spots than the beaches of Nice for a great holiday in the sun. However, if you fancy something a bit different here are three great cities for you to consider.


The little city of Biarritz on the Bay of Biscay was once the favoured holiday destination for France’s leading nobles until the last French king lost his head in Paris. Less popular than glitzier and swankier Nice, Biarritz still retains many of its historic charms. It is also a popular spot for surfers who enjoy the waves of these fickle waters.


Nestled along the banks of the River Rhone is the City of Popes (in times gone by French kings elected their own Pontiffs when they got tired of the one in Rome. The French Popes would hold court in this splendid city). A Quick look at the skyline, which is dominated by the Papal Palace, shows that this name is more than justified. As well as the Palace, Avignon has beautiful parks, fantastic sites to visit and a mild Mediterranean climate. In short it is a perfect destination for a short French holiday. 


Once a feared pirates nest, the walled port citadel of Saint-Milo is one of the star attractions of this area of Brittany. While some of the city is original, other parts have been painstakingly reconstructed following a bit of Allied bombing during the Second World War. More recently Saint-Milo has become famous as the site of the first tidal wave power station anywhere in the world.