Cancun Attractions for all the Family!

Cancun is often thought of a being a place to go to if you want to drink alcohol to excess while in the sunshine, also to excess; but there’s actually a lot more to the Yucatan peninsula city than people give it credit for.

More than just a haven for drunken Spring Breakers, Cancun can be a great destination for a traditional family holiday in the sun. Obviously, you have the glorious, sandy beaches and the incredibly clear sea, but there are tonnes of great family attractions available to you if you’re willing to be a bit of digging.

However, if you don’t like hard work (or even a simple bit of Googling), fret not – we’ve done that digging for you! Feast your eyes on these beauties.


Kids love dolphins – this is so widespread that it may as well be a fact. Easily one of the most popular animals on the planet, dolphins are adored by people of all ages, all over the world. So your kids (and you, of course) will be enthralled by a trip to Dolphinaris.

You can get up close and personal with the bottlenoses, and even have a little swim with those intelligent, beautiful, marine mammals. The guides are very well informed, meaning your kids can be learning as they enjoy themselves, then get a kiss, a handshake and even a belly ride from Flipper!

Cancun Beaches

Okay, so we’ve kinda mentioned these already, but they’re definitely worth a visit. As Cancun is surrounded by the Gulf of Mexico, the waters are so warm, making them perfect for a swim or a snorkel session, and they’re crystal clear to boot.

There will be plenty of beach activities to pursue as well, like football and volleyball, and the coastline makes a great place for a relaxed stroll. Why not get an ice cream too?

The Interactive Aquarium

Any flights to Cancun are bound to be lengthy, and you may find your kids getting restless on the journey over. One solution to their boredom is to give them a leaflet detailing all the fun they can have at the Interactive Aquarium Cancun – they’ll be so excited about the prospect that they’ll start behaving!

You can swim with dolphins (again, because why not?), and you can spend half an hour in the pool playing with the friendly sea lions, feeding them and swimming alongside them. If that’s not enough, you can climb into a cage and spend time with the sharks, or just choose the traditional aquarium route and look at myriad gorgeous fish, including rays, piranhas, eels, seahorses and Nemo himself, the clownfish!

Wet ‘n Wild

Cancun is hot –really hot – so you might feel the need to cool off after a few days spent in the sizzling sun. Luckily for you, the city is home to a brilliant water park, the aptly-named Wet ‘n Wild.

With a wave pool, a lazy river and a worrying steep water slide called the Kamikaze, Wet ‘n Wild will keep you and the little ones entertained all day long!