Casinos tourism in Canada

Flying to Macau just to gamble is never a good idea, but luckily the American casino tourist can find plenty of exitement just across the border in Canada. In a country that is famous for having one of the largest casinos in the world it might seem a little strange that it is also a country where playing at an online casino is illegal, although under certain circumstances and provinces it is legal causing much confusion in tourists.

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The largest casino in Canada, and one of the largest in the world, is the Casino de Montreal, Quebec. Located by the Ile Notre-Dame close to the Old Port, the casino makes an immediate and quite startling impression on the visitor. Architecturally it resembles a cruise liner with multiple decks topped by a huge array of flags and a high spire. Originally this impressive structure was built for Expo 67. There are three interconnected buildings, two of which were part of the original structure, the Québec Pavilion and the French Pavilion and a third one was added by the casino. There are six floors in the main building and the other two have four floors. In total the casino has over 3,300 slot machines along with 120 games tables. The complex includes several bars and restaurants, banqueting facilities, and a cabaret. There is an additional poker facility which has 18 poker tables and the casino frequently hosts poker tournaments.

Returning for a moment to online gambling in Canada; the only really legal online gaming establishments that can be accessed from anywhere within Canada are those that are located on land owned by the Kahnawake Indians and licensed by the Kahnawake Gaming Commission. These online casinos include the Golden Tiger Casino and the All Slots Casino. However, a number of provinces are considering opening up online casinos like online casino which would be restricted to players from within that province, and Quebec already has an online poker site available only to Quebec residents.