Checking in on Your Brand

As a business owner, you have a lot of assets to hand, resources you can bring to bear to solve a problem or exploit an opportunity. It’s important to understand those assets, so you know exactly what they’re worth to you and how much they can do for you. You need to know just how much your teams can do for you if you push them – and how much you can afford to push them before their morale gets eroded. You need to know just what your marketing agency can do for you when you need it, you need to know how fast and how much your logistics chain can get goods for your customers.

One of the assets you really do need to understand is your brand. Your brand is built up of hundreds of decisions, small and large, vital and seemingly throwaway. It’s the sum total of all the interactions your customers have with your business – not just what you say in your adverts but where your customers see them, whether your prices make your products an everyday necessity or an occasional luxury, and whether the service they get with your employees matches the promises your adverts have made.

If your brand is working for you, it’s a giant signpost, directing exactly the people who are going to want to spend money with you to your door. If your brand is making promises your business can’t fulfil you’re going to have disappointed and confused customers and they do not come back.

To make sure your brand is working for you – that your decisions are creating the effect that you need them to in customers’ minds – you need to check in with it regularly. A brand tracker survey allows you to get the insights you need about what people think about your brand, and how that’s changed over time. Did your latest marketing push strengthen your brand for customers? Did it confuse them?

It’s important to check in with your brand regularly: if only commit to a rare or solitary survey, you won’t have a baseline to assess changes against. Ongoing research into perceptions of your brand and your competitors brands lets you understand and begin to predict how things change over time and start to fine tune your efforts to ensure your choices about every aspect of your business reinforce your brand and build you a stronger position.