Convenient Travel Tips in Honolulu

It’s easy to lose sight of your expenditures when you’re taking a trip to Honolulu.  The city is teeming with opportunities to spend, spend, spend!  From the grandiose malls to the museums, the fine dining to the resort accommodations, by the time you’re done with Hawaii you might be walking home empty-pocketed.

honolulu hawaii

After years of traveling to Hawaii, and eventually moving out here, I have come up with a quick tips list for traveling to the romantic city of Honolulu, having a beautiful experience, and not breaking your bank.


Travel light… with the way that the airlines already screw you by withdrawing their peanut policy and giving you even less space for your feet, it is no surprise we are now being charged for bringing luggage.  Look into smart packing tips, or leave the extra 4 pairs of shoes behind.  You’ll thank me later when you have an extra $100 in your pocket to spend on a nice dinner.  Otherwise, you might have that nice dress but no room in your budget for fine dining.


Move inland… finding the right hotel is definitely a process, and it takes a lot of web surfing to find it.  Here’s my quick tip of the day: look for basic accommodations in your hotel.  It’s definitely doable, and it’s really all you need considering the amount of time you will probably end up spending at your hotel.  The best thing to do is to not pick a hotel right on the coast.  The more inland you go, the cheaper the hotels.  Hotels with beautiful views of the city and just steps away from the beach, like the Ewa Hotel are a perfect match for budget travelers.


Smart dining… If you are looking for a real Hawaii experience and not looking to blow your cash in one night, dine smart.  Here’s how… just because the concierge or your friend’s uncle recommended this great restaurant in Hawaii doesn’t necessarily mean it’s the bees knees.  Most of the food you will be eating in Honolulu is fresh, and you don’t need a 5-star restaurant for mouth-watering cuisine.  Ask a local.  Find the nearest taco/shrimp truck.  Eat at a diner.  Make you and your family sandwiches for lunch.  These are all great ways to save money on food and get a more authentic Hawaiian experience.