Eco-Friendly Travel Tips

Steve Reid is a life-long traveler who writes about a variety of travel topics including being eco-friendly while traveling. He often writes on behalf of Liberty Travel, a leading travel agency located in the United States. Liberty Travel offers many discount vacations.


Many travelers don’t realize that traveling can have an adverse effect on the environment. However, it’s easy to reduce your impact on the natural environment by practicing some eco-friendly travel methods. These tips will help you decrease the strain you put on natural resources when you travel.

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Reduce Your Use
If you’re staying at a hotel, be mindful when using the hotel’s resources. You can decline to have the sheets and towels laundered repeatedly during your stay. This will help reduce the hotel’s water and electricity use. Instead of having a bath, take short showers when you need to refresh yourself. When you leave your hotel room for a day of activities, turn off all of the lights and electronics. At the end of your trip, leave behind any unopened soap or shampoo so someone else can use it. If you used any of these products, seal them up in a bag to take back home.

Use Public Transportation
When possible, try to use the local area’s public transportation. Taking public transportation in an unfamiliar area can be an adventure all on its own, leaving you with some great travel stories. Many cities offer plenty of options, including trains, subways, buses and more. Public transportation releases far less pollutants per capita than individual cars do. Public transportation will save you from having to pay parking and rental fees.

Follow the Rules
When you’re outside enjoying a natural area, follow the guidelines and rules. Stay on defined trails, and don’t wander off to look at something. Many natural environments feature delicate plants and soil that can easily be destroyed by a few footsteps. Disrupting the natural environment can have harmful consequences on the area’s wild creatures. Enjoy the natural beauty of these areas, but leave no trace of your visit. Instead of removing a beautiful flower or seashell to take home, leave it and take a picture. If you bring any food or other disposable items with you, pack it out to dispose of later.

Buy Local
When possible, buy local goods on your trip, including food and souvenirs. By purchasing local food, you’ll help reduce pollution from the transportation of imported food. Avoid purchasing any souvenirs that might have come from endangered species. Many popular tourist destinations sell a variety of handmade local goods. By choosing to buy local products, you’ll also help to support the local economy.