Ecotourism on the Rise

In 2012, travel and tourism accounted for 9.7% of world GDP. With an industry of this size, it’s no shock that the tourism industry is responsible for around five percent of global carbon emissions. This figure is unsurprisingly largely made up of air travel and accommodation. A recent report estimated that in the next 25 years, these emissions will more than double. With pressure increasing quite dramatically to be more aware of global warming, it is no surprise that travellers are becoming more interested in their carbon footprint whilst on their travels – but what steps can we take on our journey to being kinder to the environment?

bloomfield lodge australia

Bloomfield Lodge

Well actually the travel and tourism industry is making it a whole lot easier for us and quite rightly so. It would make no business sense to ignore these changing consumer trends and so more travel agencies, providers, and hoteliers are taking steps to evolve their business module to one that is more green and sustainable. ‘Going green’ is no longer considered to be a niche market or interest, but increasingly something that consumers are coming to expect from their providers in a very competitive marketplace.

As a consumer, there are many things you can do to compliment these industry efforts and make a greater impact on reducing the damage your desire to see the world does to the world. One recent trend in the accommodation industry is to re-scope their accommodation and offer something slightly ‘greener’ but to completely re-think it entirely. Eco lodges have been popping up in vast numbers in the past five years. To be classified as environmentally friendly, these lodges have to ensure they have met strict criteria. Amongst other things, they have to ensure they use renewable energy; serve locally-grown food; employ an efficient recycling programme; and use 100% organic sheets and non-toxic cleaning agents.

From Scotland to Australia, you will not find it difficult to find some sustainable and green lodgings. One of these is Bloomfield Lodge, a rainforest eco lodge located in Far North Queensland situated right next to the Daintree Rainforest positioned just across the bay from the spectacular Great Barrier Reef. The lodge’s very essence is a commitment to conserve its surrounding environment to ensure that guests can enjoy a wilderness experience full of delicate flora and fauna that hasn’t been affected by human presence. The environment sustainability program Bloomfield Lodge has implemented throughout their whole organisation to protect nature’s fragile biodiversity and ecology has awarded them with an Advanced Ecotourism Accreditation, given only to Australia’s leading and most innovative ecotourism products.