Essential items for working whilst you travel

Working remotely, i.e. from a laptop etc, can be very difficult at the best of times. If you then throw in travelling around the world to the equation, things become a little more stressful. You can however make it easier for yourself by bringing along the essential items that you’ll need to survive working on the road. You will always need a variety of tools to keep you connected and keep your business ticking over, finding things such as affordable international calls is the easy part. I believe that the following things are essential if you want to succeed whilst travelling.


Laptop or tablet

One of the most obvious things on the list. Ok, so it’s not convenient to be carrying a laptop with you but you need it. If you’re going to be writing blog posts, articles, long emails or video, then you’re going to need a laptop or tablet. Make sure that you find the right one for you, these days you can find some good lightweight options that won’t weigh you down.


Anyone who has ever been travelling with a smartphone will tell you how useful they are. It allows you to check on your websites, blogs, social media and email very easily indeed. It makes it simple for you to stay in touch with clients or to find out about work offers. Whilst they can’t match a laptop, the smart phones will usually be used a lot more – in airports, cafes, bus stations, basically anywhere you can pick up wifi! You should try to get as many good apps as possible to make travelling easier, Rebtel’s free calling app is one to definitely take a look at.

A good camera

If part of your work is to talk about your travel and promote it, well you need a good camera. A cheap camera just isn’t going to cut it, you want to be able to take the best shots possible to put up on your blog. You don’t have to go crazy and spend thousands of pounds, but something that is easy to use and has all the functions needed.


You need potential to be able to look at a website and see what you’re all about. Just a simple blog or a portfolio will suffice. Make sure that you keep it updated, looking professional and clean.

Travel insurance

If you follow this list you will be travelling with some pretty fancy equipment. You NEED to have travel insurance so that you are protected against loss and theft. Some people think that it’s too much to pay out, well it will definitely cost you more to buy a new laptop!

Sara packs light :)