Experience Sweden

Sweden is a beautiful country full of natural wonders and European architecture so make the most of your holiday and explore the country from all angles. Here are five of the best ways to experience Sweden.

The Northern Lights


The northern lights are the ultimate way to experience Sweden. These lights are a natural wonder which can also be seen in neighboring countries such as Norway and the experience is surreal. Visit northern Sweden in the winter months to get your chance to experience the phenomena.


Cycle Through its Beautiful Cities


Why walk when you can cycle? Pick your own pace as you explore Sweden’s picturesque towns in an environmentally friendly way.  Cycling is a popular way to get around and you can do so independently or as part of a tour.


Island Hop


Laze on the beach (in summer of course) or check out the mainland. On Gotland you can visit the Lummelunda Cave or  just explore the town and on Oland you can see Borgholms castle and the Stora Alvaret (a limestone plain).

Visit the Ice Hotel


Head to Jukkasjarvi in Lapland to experience a unique stay in the Ice hotel. You get to sleep on beds made out of ice while cocooned in one extremely warm sleeping bag. During the day indulge in this frozen paradise by going dog sledding, check out the frozen art exhibition or see the famed (and above mentioned) northern lights.

Meet the Swedish


How could we possibly have an article about Sweden’s highlights without including a reference to its stunning natives? Swedish women are world renown for their beauty and their male counterparts aren’t far behind. Make sure you leave a bit of time in your schedule to people watch and meet the locals, they may even lead you to some hidden attractions off the tourist trail.