Exploring Belgium

Belgium, located in northern Europe, is one of the most appealing destinations for those people interested in admiring an incredible variety of historical buildings and visiting some of the world’s most amazing museums in all Europe. Known for its rich History and its varied gastronomy, Belgium allows visitors to have a great time discovering everything this country has to offer, but also provides tourists with the opportunity to visit the Netherlands or France, which are just a few kilometres away from Brussels. If you are interested in learning more about Belgium, here you will find some useful suggestions of what to do and visit in this enticing country.

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Spending a Day in Brussels

What better way to start your visit to Belgium than by spending a whole day in Brussels, where it is possible to drink and eat some of the local food in a huge selection of incredible restaurants, and where you will also find a wide variety of hotels from where to choose from. Although Brussels is known for its amazing monuments, such as the Palais de Justice (which, by the way, can be visited for free on weekdays), you and your family can also spend a good time walking among Brussels’ many parks. It is also highly recommended to also visit the Atomium, a unique and emblematic structure that was built for the 1958 World Fair, but still offers magnificent views of the city, especially after it was renovated eight years ago.

Brussels also offers the possibility of visiting some of the world’s most exceptional art museums. Whether you are interested in learning more about Victor Horta, one of the most relevant Belgian artist of the 20th century, or you would just like to admire some Art Nouveau architectural pieces, the Horta Museum is the place to be. Last of all, the Royal Museum of Fine Arts is another spectacular attraction for you to take into account when visiting Brussels.

Visiting Bruges and Antwerp 

While Brussels is the capital of Belgium, the fact is that there are many other cities that will also provide you with places to visit, such as Liege, Ghent or Antwerp. Bruges, which is located less than an hour away from Brussels, can be easily accessed by car, making it a great option if you would like to spend a day visiting its famous canals or climbing the Grote Markt. You should also take into account that purchasing car excess insurance direct might be a very good idea if you would like to avoid worrying about your vehicle.

Antwerp, unlike Bruges, is a much bigger city and a very important financial centre. While visitors tend to spend most of their time taking long walks around Antwerp Market Square, Antwerp provides you with the opportunity to learn more about Peter Paul Rubens, but also to contemplate some of his original artwork at the Rubenshuis, a great museum that will probably make this trip an unforgettable one.