Where To Find The Best Food In Malta

Maltese cuisine has had a particularly unfair deal on the world stage. While nearby countries, such as Italy, are famed for their Mediterranean delicacies, the food of the Maltese islands is regularly overlooked.

However, this does have the benefit of making Maltese food an incredibly well-kept secret. Visitors to the country are continually surprised by the endless mouthwatering options on offer.

This article details some of the best places to eat on the islands, meaning you can be ahead of the game when you finally hit the Maltese soil. 

1. Medina
Located in the heart of the beautiful medieval city of Mdina, this luxurious dinner establishment offers the best of the best of food in Malta. The restaurant provides a vast, vined patio that is ideal for warm summer evenings; inside there is a glowing fire and comfortable sofas for the winter months.

The traditional Mediterranean food on offer is lovingly made and often has a nouvelle cuisine twist. Pick from heartwarming stews or crisp, fresh salads; you are always bound to be greeted with a delicious result, no matter what you choose.

2. Fresco’s Café & Restaurant
Situated in the town of Sliema on the east coast of the main island, this wonderfully enchanting eatery is a great choice for those staying out of the capital. It boasts one of the best views in the entire country and is well-equipped for both indoor and outdoor dining, making it another year round winner.

Providing an expansive menu, Fresco’s serves every Mediterranean classic you could ever want. Pastas, pizzas and risottos are in abundance and the main courses are a mouthwatering mix of local meat and seafood dishes. There’s even a kids section for those traveling with little ones.

3. Mint
If you’re looking for something a bit more unique, Mint in Sliema is a true travelers paradise. Set up by two expats from New Zealand, the café is an incredible merger of the two cultures. They work on the theory that fresh, homemade seasonal produce will take any cuisine to the next level.
The actual food is inspired by food from all around the world. As well as traditional Maltese, there are Thai fishcakes, Moroccan tagine, Spanish tortilla and much, much more. Plus, the café prides itself on catering to all special diets, making it the ideal location for coeliacs, vegans and allergy sufferers.

4. Dinner In The Sky Malta
The perfect dining spot can be as much about the experience as it is about the food. Dinner In The Sky is an incredibly exciting international franchise, who have set up an annual event in Malta. This incredible concept sees guests hoisted 40m above the islands, offering spectacular views of the surrounding area. Each table has their own personal staff of chefs and waiters.

The food in this whacky experience is not to go unconsidered, either. The dishes have been created specially by Maltese chef, Marvin Gauci, specifically for the event. The three set menus are all quintessential examples of fine dining, with the best quality ingredients crafted into masterful and mouthwatering dishes.

The archipelago of Malta is awash with quaint and underrated eateries that will treat all taste buds. However, if you want to ensure you’re guaranteed the very best quality in food and experience, then this list provides some of the top options available.

If you know of another Maltese restaurant that deserves a shout out, be sure to leave a comment below with your ideas!