Five Great Green Reasons to Visit Iceland

Iceland has to have one of the most ironic names of any country, much like its cousin Greenland. Greenland is not Green in much the same as Iceland is not Ice. Their names should really be reversed at some point in time, but unfortunately that would confuse the situation even more. This is such an amazing country to visit, in the list below we don’t even mention  Blue Lagoon Iceland tours, perhaps the most famous of all activities in the country; however we wanted to share a different five…

Strangely enough some of the first settlers of this land were actually Irish, so as an Irishman I’ll give you five cracking reasons to visit this country.


Experience the Northern Lights

I could just show you the picture and leave it at that. The Northern lights are absolutely fantastic. This is one of the ultimate night time activities which has astounded people for millennia. It is our planets version of a laser show, and far cooler than anything us mere mortals have managed to pull off.

The Midnight Sun

Ok, so it’s almost impossible to see the northern lights and the midnight sun on the same trip. However, you know just once in my life I’d like to wake up at one in the morning and see the sun out of my curtains. If you time your trip right you could even see the first sunset in a month.


This is quite literally one of the best places in the world to go sea kayaking, and with good reason. With sparsely populated islands and calm seas you can explore this place endlessly. There is even the chance of seeing whales, now that’s what I call incredible.


Voringsfossen Waterfall

The concept of a waterfall doesn’t really sound impressive. It is just water going over a cliff, but when that water is a river and the cliff is 145 metres high the results are just incredible. Just look at the picture, I think I’ve said enough 🙂



Reindeer or dog, you choose. Personally I think I’d have to pick a team of good old-fashioned huskies. Flying over the snow on a dogsled with a team of huskies is just, well… I’ve never done it and my imagination is already running away with me. That’s why I’ve already booked my ticket to Iceland and you should to!