Five Greenest Cities in US

When Europeans make generalisations about the US they often talk about the gas guzzling cars and the super sized food portions. Bigger just seems to be better, but that’s just not true. There are a host of cities in the US making a drive to go green. So here is my top five list.


Turning the rooftops of a city into a garden is one of the newest green initiatives to have been developed by architects. The Windy city obviously liked the idea and decided to run with it because it now has 2.5 million square feet of green roofs. If they carry on at this rate they might have to think about renaming the city.



I bet you didn’t know that Cambridge has two famous Universities. The one in the US is called Harvard University, now I wonder how many of you knew that. Quite apart from this fact, Cambridge is known as one of the best cities to walk around in the US and most of the city vehicles run on electric motors.



This city already receives 17% of its energy from renewable sources. Hydrogen actually powers its public transportation system. The city administration is also pushing a program of green building certification. These are all steps in the right direction.

Austin Texas

Texas is considered oil-drilling country and has to deal with the hot summer months that has traditionally meant turning up the air conditioner without a care for the environment. Austin however wants to turn this image on its head. This city has definite green ambitions. It wants to be completely carbon neutral by 2020. With over 200 parks and the highlands of Texas just out of the city there is plenty of nature to explore as well.

San Francisco 

San Francisco just had to be on the list. It is actually the first city in the US to ban plastic shopping bags. Just imagine how much waste that would save if the program were implemented globally. It also has the iconic cable cars that wind up and down the cities hills transporting almost 10 million people a year from point a to point b.