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Iceland is not a place for exotic white sandy beaches or tropical weather.The country however, has a breathtaking contrasting landscape from glaciers to active volcanoes and hot springs earning it the name; land of ice and fire. The summers in Iceland are the best to visit, it almost never gets dark, you get to enjoy a midnight sunset, get more hours to explore the country and try a time to try out some of their many weird cuisines.


One of the most visited spot in Iceland, the Blue Lagoon, though man-made, it is one of the most supernatural looking mass of water in the world.  The milky blue mineral rich waters of the lagoon are rumored to have curative powers and are perfect for good relaxing soak. Visitors to the lagoon can enjoy massages, white mud body rub and have access to the sauna. If that seems quite girlish to you, you can always swim in the lagoon, ditch the spa treatment and instead go for the beer they serve in a visually magnificent surrounding with panoramic views of the rugged country.

blue lagoon Iceland


A stunning spectacle that can only been seen in the months of winter, the Northern lights is a must see spectacle in your lifetime. This stunning light pattern by Aurora Borealis is usually visible in crisp clear winter nights and its magnificence and surrealism will definitely leave you spellbound.



Covering about 10.9 % of the entire country, the glaciers offer exciting activities that you probably will not find anywhere else in the world. Visitors enjoy guided glacier treks ,hikes and visits to the glacier pools .You also might want to move that planned trip to Iceland to the top of your to do list, the effects of global warming are starting to be seen here.

Iceland glaciers


The sheer magnificence of Iceland is perfectly complemented with the pristine beauty of the magical cascades that are scattered across the country. From small to large, all of Iceland’s waterfalls have their own unique attractions, each offering locals and visitors unforgettable sights and scenes. Waterfalls such as the Golden falls;  the most thunderous in the whole of Europe and Glymur; the tallest waterfall in the country will definitely leave you breathless.

iceland golden falls


A breathtaking series of mountains, the West Fjords is over 13 million years old are the perfect place to visit for those who appreciate un spoilt nature. The magnificent mountains offer exciting fun activities such as glacier walks, hiking and cycling. You also might want to know that The west fjords is the least populated part of Iceland and it usually provides the perfect setting for social and cultural events, so you might get to view social or cultural functions as you hike your way up the mountains.

iceland westfjord mountain