Great Things To Around Park Lane

Park Lane is a great neighbourhood to visit, it is after all where her Majesty the Queen lives. Park Lane is full of top notch hotels, iconic shops, galleries, restaurants and more. So if you find yourself in the area take a walk with your Park Lane escorts to discover why royalty has lived here for centuries.

Fortnum & Mason

For over 300 years this luxury store has lived in the same corner at 181 Piccadilly. As soon as you enter you’ll feel like you’re in high society. While creating your own blend of tea, you will be helped by a clerk dressed in a frock coat – it really doesn’t get more British than that! Be sure to pick up some honey which they make from their beehives up on the roof.

Victoria And Albert Museum

This fantastic museum boasts a collection that is over 2,000 years old, it includes everything from books to paintings, drawings to textiles, and much more. The area surrounding the museum is full of great museums to visit, after you’ve strolled around the Victoria and Albert Museum you can pop in to the Science Museum and then on to the Natural History Museum.

The Wolseley

If there’s one place to be seen when you’re eating it is The Wolseley. Anytime I go back to London I pay a visit here. It is open early in the morning to pretty late at night, so you’re guaranteed to get a great breakfast, lunch or dinner depending on which time you pop in. It used to be the showroom of the car manufacturer with the same name, but now the restaurant is full of jet-setters, London high fliers and celebrities. Make sure you book in advance because tables can go quickly here.

Have you visited any of the places above or are you planning to? Maybe you have something you would add to the list? I think it is great when we, as a travel community, can share first hand information to make sure that others have a brilliant time. All you have to do is pop your thoughts, experiences and tips in the comment section below. I am really looking forward to reading everything you guys have to share!