Green Holidays in Rhineland-Palatinate, Germany

Leiderhosen, leather shorts and a work ethic that makes a ruler look bent. Thankfully Germany doesn’t live up to the corny caricatures. Modern Germany is funky, artistic relaxed and very easy going. It is also a great place for a European holiday.


Germany really does have a bit of everything for the green traveller. With beautiful national parks, fairy-tale castles and even some islands the country offers plenty of opportunity to enjoy the outdoors.

A great place to visit in the autumn is Rhineland-Palatinate, which is actually in the West of Germany, with part of the province actually bordering France, Belgium and Luxemburg. As a region was hotly disputed for hundreds of years, Rhineland-Palatine is littered with both beautiful castles and a rich cultural history.

One of the most beautiful castles in this region is called Burg Eltz, a charming hilltop castle close to the Moselle River. At up to eight stories high and with eight towers, well you can see the people that owned it like the number eight 🙂


Another great place to visit with a charming castle is the market town of Engers. The market is actually known as the nutcracker. Many people consider the town to host one of the most beautiful Christmas markets in the whole of journey.