Green Travel in France

France is Europe’s number one tourism spot, and it’s easy to see why (and it’s not just the sexy French women smoking their cigarettes on the footpaths, although that naturally helps).

green travel in france

With the Eiffel Tower, La Louvre, Saint Tropez, skiing, delicious wine and endless cheese it’s enough to have us flying back and forth all too often. However, that leaves a dirty big carbon footprint the length of the river Siene folks so how do we fix that? We travel travel green in France!



First up, if you’re hitting the slopes, spare a thought for where you’re staying. There are lots of eco lodges popping up around most slopes where reclaimed wood and geothermal heating are the norms, claiming back some sustainability destroyed by the ski resorts of yesteryear.


Organic wines, lambs wool-insulated walls, wood fibre on the roof, rainwater toilets  the list goes on folks. Do a spot of research and that guilty conscience can get a little less guilty, now find yourself some cheap places to stay through and you’re all set! 😛

cycle green travel

Green travel in France doesn’t just involve skiing though guys, not by a long shot. They are plenty of cycling options, meandering through picturesque French towns, snapping beautiful chateaus on the way. Or you can hit up a hiking holiday, trek through the scenic lavender fields of Provence, not to mention the last days across the Mediterranean cost. You can convince yourself that you’re saving the environment by doing nothing for 10 days on a beach in Saint Tropez!


Finally, believe it or not golfing is the ultimate green holiday. Endless walking up the fairways costs nothing in petrol , and if you choose your courses well, very little in green fees. You get plenty of exercise and your carbon footprint remains intact. Le Touquet is hugely popular for just that, as is the Western Loire so shove those golf clubs in your backpack and head off!