Green Travel Tips

From rugged mountains to vast fields, the world offers so much to appreciate.  But the more people travel, the more of a toll it can take on our precious natural resources. This shouldn’t be an impediment to traveling though. To the contrary, it simply offers an opportunity for people to use green travel techniques.

green travel
Green travel is nothing more than traveling with the environment in mind. For conscientious environmentalists, this may seem like second nature. If going green is a bit new, here are a few green travel tips to try from,

1. Use mass transit. The options for transportation will vary depending on your destination, but it is smart to keep mass transit in mind. Passenger jets, trains and buses can connect you to nearly any location around the world. While transit vehicles can be crowded and more time consuming, they are far more environmentally friendly than a car or other private mode of transportation.

2. Come prepared. When traveling, most people use the free soap and shampoo at the hotel and rely on disposable alternatives for daily items. While this may seem convenient, it creates a lot of extra waste. Instead, come prepared with medium-sized bottles of shampoo and soap in a travel case. Instead of buying small bags of chips on the go, bring a box of crackers to last the length of the trip. These things take up a little extra space in a suitcase, but they greatly reduce waste along the way.

3. Rough it. Many people want a bit of decadence when traveling, but consider going without some luxuries. Think about staying on a campground or in a stripped-down rental. If a hotel is desired, reuse the towels, minimize sheet changes or simply forgo maid service during your stay. There are plenty of other ways to indulge during a trip. It is easy to rough it on the little things.

4. Stay close. Location is everything. When possible, pick a hotel or campground close to the action. If visiting a national park, choose a campground on-site. If staying in a city, find a hotel downtown or near public transportation. This way it’s easy to get around on foot, bike or bus. You’ll save time and lessen your environmental impact.