A Guide to Hiking in Tenerife

We all love getting away from it all on a relaxing holiday, but not everyone’s idea of a relaxing holiday is one spent sitting by the side of the pool. And if you’re one of those holiday makers who like to get out and about and really explore all that your surroundings offer, having the option of some fantastic hiking trails at your destination can be very tempting.

If you are considering a more active holiday, but still like the idea of sunshine and sand, then Tenerife could provide the best of both worlds. Tenerife really does have it all; great weather, amazing beaches and a landscape that lends itself to walking and hiking, as this article by Cheapflights highlights the best hiking trails.


Attempt the well-known trails
There are of course, plenty of walks and hiking trails to choose from here, but two of the most popular must be the Adeje Mountains and Las Canades del Teide. The Adeje Mountains become very busy during the high season as they are located so close to many of the large resorts. But there are plenty of trails to explore so you won’t feel crowded in any way. For a challenge, head up to the narrow paths and deep ravines of the Ifonche to Adeje trail, or for the more leisurely walker try the Barrancodel Infierno trail instead.

The Teide Mountain is possibly the most famous hiking destination on the island and is the number one visited national park, but unless you class yourself as super fit and are considerably experienced don’t wander off from the trails (of which there are many!). The scenery here is almost like something from another world with dry, lunar landscapes and oddly shaped rock formations that will amaze.


Tenerife’s special secret
In the north of the island; often thought of as the best walking destination in Tenerife, you’ll find the not quite as busy Anaga Mountains. With plenty of dipping ravines, high vantage points, green forests and the odd hidden village to explore, the Anaga Mountains have plenty to offer. One of the best trails is the 12km circular route between Chinamada and Cruz del Carmen, which provides some amazing views over the island and its coastline.


If you prefer to take it easy
For those walkers who are new to the activity or for families walking with younger children the Buenavista del Norte and the Rambla del Castro offer the perfect ‘take it easy’ options. The Buenavista del Norte is essentially a stunning coastal path walk where you can explore rock pools and picturesque coves along your route, or enjoy a typically Spanish picnic on one of the sheltered beaches you pass on your journey and the whole trail is completely signposted so there’s no risk of getting lost. Alternatively, the Rambla del Castro is a walk with a difference – mainly because its route takes you through the islands banana plantations. There is a lot to see along this trail including some stunning old plantation houses and it can be a little challenging in places, but generally this walk is readily accessible to all abilities and ages.