Holiday ideas for the undecided Brit

The globetrotting Brit is probably used to many types of holiday, but it’s interesting how many people come up short when it comes to an impromptu break. Faced with a choice of locations as long as your arm, it’s understandable that you might feel a bit conflicted if you decide on a last-minute vacation.

Fortunately, there are advantages to making a spontaneous getaway. There is the excitement for a start, and the ability to stroll into the office with a killer tan after a weekend in Barcelona while watching your co-workers impersonate goldfish as their jaws drop to the floor.

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Then there is the fact that you can take advantage of special late deals if you’re booking at the last minute – the only difficult part is deciding where you want to go. Read on for a little inspiration.

Weekend getaway

A last-minute escape can be a great way to recharge and refresh yourself, but where you go will depend on the amount of time you have. If time off work is not an option, we recommend grabbing a deal in Europe. Fly out on Friday evening then return home on Sunday afternoon in order to maximise your holiday time. Barcelona can be reached in a mere two hours and ten minutes and it’s a great way to spend a weekend – particularly in the summer when the weather’s hot. Crete and Rome have similar advantages, especially for people who need a culture fix. Sporting fanatics will no doubt want to visit Lefkas where windsurfing is king, although snorkelling and mountain biking is also encouraged.

Up to a week

If you’ve got a lot of annual leave left and are looking to go further afield, the Aegean region of Turkey can offer some excitement to those who like to be fairly close to home but fancy something a little further away than Europe. In the capital city of Bodrum you’ll want to explore the castle and winding markets in the depths of the port, before heading out to the countryside to experience traditional Turkish life. A word of warning though: if you have a sensitive stomach, watch out for the olive oil and ensure you’re with dashing distance of the toilet if you consume any!

Flights to Bodrum generally take around four hours and the area is very close to the beach for those who prefer the sun and the sand to a cultural extravaganza.

Up to two weeks

If you’ve been saving up your work holiday for a while, perhaps an impromptu trip to the US might be in order? A flight out to Orlando can be snapped up for under £500 per person if you go at the right time of year. This gorgeous city provides you with the perfect opportunity to blow off steam – it’s sometimes nicknamed the theme park capital of the world in reference to the plethora of amusement parks within its boundaries.

So if you haven’t yet booked a holiday for this year, what are you waiting for? It’s easy to get away to one of the places listed above, even if it’s a last-minute choice.