How to plan an adventurous date

We all look forward to date night; however, it can be easy to slip into a mundane dating routine. If your relationship needs a little bit of spicing up, why not plan a fun and exciting date experience?

From outdoor activities to arts and cultural events, there are endless adventurous dating opportunities in Canada. Here are some easy tips for coming up with fun and environmentally friendly date ideas, which will inject a bit of adventure into your love life.



What does adventure really mean in a relationship?

The thing to keep in mind is that adventure means different things to different people. Spicing up your dating doesn’t need to mean hurtling down a ski slope, though if that sounds like fun then Canada can certainly oblige.

Adding a splash of adventure to your love life is really as simple as trying new things and pushing the boundaries of what you consider the ‘usual.’ If you’re looking for someone to try new things with, online dating is an excellent place to find like-minded singles. To find out who your potential matches are, simply visit the eHarmony Canada dating website today.



When you’ve eaten at the same restaurant every Friday night for a decade, trying a new cuisine is a pretty exciting change. Toronto is a multicultural hub that’s home to an endless choice of dining options, from perfectly spiced Thai to delicate sushi rolls.

Adventure dates can also come in the form of the endless activities that Canada has to offer. Banff features some of the best ski facilities and conditions in the world. Why not book a long weekend away and finally learn to snowboard together? Or if Canada’s wildlife has always fascinated you, head to the heart of the Canadian Rockies and witness bears, wolves, elk and cougars in their natural habitat.

Finally an adventurous holiday together might simply mean booking an accommodation style that’s different to what you’re used to. If middle of the range hotels are usually your getaway of choice, why not rent a rustic wood cabin?


Adventure without the side effects

Too often adventure holidays and dates lead to negative side effects for the natural world. Today, it’s important to create date ideas that leave a small carbon footprint and little ecological side effects in your wake. Some easy green date ideas could include:



Riding a bike across the stunning Canadian countryside not only limits your carbon emissions, it’s also an incredibly romantic mode of transport.


Plan a green camping trip

Leave your gadgets behind and reconnect with the natural world. There’s no shortage of beautiful National Parks near to most major cities. For anyone dating in Vancouver or the surrounding suburbs, there’s the nearby Alice Lake Provincial Park or, for Toronto couples, the Ontario scenery is the perfect backdrop for a camping adventure. Just be sure to take your rubbish home with you.


Enjoy a candle lit dinner

Sound old fashioned? Well it is a little. But by cracking out the candles and switching off the lights, you’re not only saving on your electricity bill, you’re also reducing your carbon footprint. Prepare an ecologically friendly meal and be sure to do the dishes in organic dishwashing detergent.



If you’re serious about making a contribution to the environment, volunteering together is a feel good and rewarding way to do it. Take part in an eco-tourism initiative or, perhaps, help out at an animal sanctuary for a weekend.