Kuala Lumpur – Are we Looking at the Future?

Kuala Lumpur has come a long way since its origins as an industrial mining town, and with so many direct flights to Kuala Lumpur to choose from, it is now even easier to travel to this captivating city.

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Constantly evolving and looking to the future, Kuala Lumpur is flourishing and enjoying rapid growth in all sectors, from financial to cultural. Its futurist architecture includes the world’s highest twin towers, the Petronas Twin Towers, and the city’s streets have also played host to the Formula One Grand Prix. Alongside its urban metropolitan image, Kuala Lumpur is striving to become greener, with the Malaysian government committed to making it one of the greenest and most livable cities in the world by 2020. 

A huge factor in Kuala Lumpur’s continued growth and success is down to tourism. Popular sites to see include the Istana Negara (Federal Palace), the National Museum and a plethora of parks and temples including the Jamek Mosque. There is also the celebrated Golden Triangle area, home to the city’s best cafés, restaurants and its legendary night-life. 

With the city now the retail capital of Malaysia, a visit to Kuala Lumpur would not be complete without making the very most of its 66 shopping malls. During March, May and December, Kuala Lumpur’s economy receives a further boost, thanks to the mega sales introduced by the Malaysian Ministry of Tourism to help cement Kuala Lumpur’s status as a first class shopping destination. However, Kuala Lumpur is not just a concrete jungle, and local markets continue to thrive, selling hand-made goods including textiles and fabrics. A great way to navigate this sprawling city is aboard one of the glass top buses, allowing you great views of the city as you explore. 

With flights to Kuala Lumpur taking you direct to the city’s main airport, and with so much to see and do, it’s no surprise that Kuala Lumpur is the sixth most visited city in the world. In this sprawling metropolis where the past meets the future, there are plenty of places to stay, including sustainable hotel enterprises to make your trip more environmentally friendly. And with the city ranked 25th out of 132 on the Environmental Performance Index, Kuala Lumpur is intent on staying green as it continues to grow and expand.