With the increase of worldwide travel, there has been an enormous increase in corporate responsibility regarding its environmental impact on our very own mother earth. Marriott Vacation Club is a world renowned leader in vacation ownership offering quality, unique and flexible programs in terms of green travel. Always aware of the environment, the company began reducing its carbon footprints in the year 2008 and it is at the forefront among its contemporaries in going green. They have regularly been recognized for outstanding work internationally.

marriott going green

With more than 1,100 Marriott timeshares across the globe, the company celebrates a little over 25 years of providing eco friendly holidays .Visitors can have fun without fear of polluting the environment. Careful not leave any carbon footprints, the club has set goals to act as guidelines in their pursuit of becoming 100% environmentally friendly. The club has continually found innovative ways of reducing their waste dumped in landfills and have since vastly invested in eco friendly materials so as to completely ‘greenify’ their entire supply chain.

All of the Marriot Vacation Club resorts located in various parts of the world such as Asia, America, Caribbean and Europe have their own green team which is responsible for environmental efforts at respective sites.

The Marriott headquarters itself is a leading example. Since 2007, it has maintained an impressive energy star rating of 77 out of 100.This is mainly because of its amazing reduction of electricity consumption by 9% since 2007.

Marriott Vacation Club replaced 1.2 million plastic key cards purchased yearly with ones that are made of 50% recycled materials, a process which commenced in the year 2009. This has greatly reduced waste (waste that previously would have been placed in landfills, reaching up to 4 tons!).

The club has also switched to eco friendly pens made of 74 percent recycled materials which can be used for a much longer period than traditional pens, which in my opinion is absolutely genius! Energy saver lighting, toilets and showers with low water flow have since been installed in all of their resort villas as well as rain sensors as part of their journey towards the reduction of irrigation needs.

green travel

To support its outstanding efforts to be green, the club acquires some of its services from nonprofit environmental organizations such as Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) a certified recycled paper merchant that helps to encourage proper management of the world’s forest reserves. FSC prints the club’s standard arrival guest cards.

Reduction of water usage by 20 percent by the year 2020 and energy consumption by 20 percent per kwh, inspiring other hotel developers to build green hotels, creating awareness of the dangers of carbon footprints and educating their guests about the advantages of preserving and conserving are some of the revised reduction goals that are in line with the hospitality industry’s guidelines. Keep leading the way guys, good stuff!