My 6-Month Aussie Trip

I was travelling through Australia last year and it was one of the most incredible journeys of my life. I came across and saw so many different things that are different to the way things are done in the UK. I also love the fact that Australia is like a place that feels not too far away from home. That was mainly because all of life’s comforts you would find at home were there, but at the same time the lifestyle was completely different to home. It really made a huge change to the city life minus the beach I am used to in London. Probably one of the most bizarre things that happened to me on that trip was the fact that I got to learn how to play poker as we had plenty of time to kill.

john ward scuba diving at the great barrier reef

scuba diving at the great barrier reef, Cairns

On our travels we loved the Australian banter, and that meant we got to make a few local friends, one of which happened to have a regular cash poker game. My friends were a little shattered on the day of the invite because we’d been body boarding most of the day. Actually, you can get a lot of stick for being a body boarder because it’s for people who can’t surf, but we were forgiven because of course we are pommies and the surf in the UK is not great. Anyway, I ended going alone on what was my own adventure with my new friends, and I had a great time.

Soon after it was time to say our goodbyes and get back on our costal run of Eastern Australia’s finest beaches. Next we stumbled on a place called Cairns. There were quite a few backpackers there and the place was set up with plenty of affordable hostels as well as plenty of bars to keep the visitors entertained. By the time of our arrival we had all become a bit cash strapped and so that was my chance to get a game of poker going, which I had been itching to do since our departure from Sydney.

The game I introduced was dealer’s choice, which is basically playing the poker game style that the dealer wants to play. Most of my friends have some knowledge of poker, and so it was down to who knew which style. I’d already learnt quite a bit as we’d being playing dealer’s choice with my Aussie friends. Mostly we played Texas Hold’em and 5-Card Draw because both styles are quite easy to get used to.

From there onwards out travelling trip turned into a semi ‘see the world thing’ as well as a semi playing poker thing. We ended up playing as much as we could when we could fit it in. Actually, sometimes it became poker as first choice and fit in our other activities around it by the end of the holiday.

Probably the best two things to come out of this was that we made heaps more friends just because of poker. Everyone seemed to want to join into our games, and may those people I am still friends with today either through my social goings on or on Facebook. We also play each other a lot online in heads-up battles at Full Tilt Poker.