On your marks, set, go!

As well as being home to a vibrant nightlife culture, Newcastle is a city that is noted for its unrivalled passion for sporting action. The football team is, of course, the focal point of life in the city, but there is much, much more to life in Newcastle than may be immediately apparent to first-time visitors.

Even from a purely sporting perspective, there is loads to see and do every weekend in this dynamic city, including watching top-class football, rugby and basketball action, among other fun activities. So, if you’ve got a trip to Newcastle planned in the coming weeks or months, it’s important that you’re fully aware of the great range of events being staged in the city.

And there’s one event, in particular, on the horizon that offers up a great deal of fun to visitors – as well as an amazing opportunity to raise some much-needed money for a worthy cause. The Newcastle Triathlon is a brand new event and one that promises to bring lots of fun and energy to the city centre. The route of the event will see participants pass alongside some of Newcastle’s most recognisable landmarks, including the Tyne Bridge, Millennium Bridge and Sage Gateshead.

Event organisers have promised that when the event is staged on July 19th it will be a fantastic experience for spectators and participants alike. Runners of all ability levels are welcome to attend and assuming you reach the finish line, you’ll even have a medal by which to remember your big day out in the sun.

The triathlon is split into three categories, in a move which is designed to recognise the differing ability levels of the competitors. For example, beginners are expected to compete a course that comprises a 400 metre swim, a 12.2 kilometre bike ride and a 2.7 kilometre run. By contrast, the ‘sprint’ triathlon will consist of a 750 metre swim, a 20.2 kilometre bike ride and a 5.7 kilometre run.

And the great thing about this new event is that once you’ve finished torturing your body in the name of a good cause, you are free to celebrate your achievement by heading out into the city centre and making the most of the amazing nightlife on offer. Newcastle is home to a huge number of great nightclubs and bars, where you’re sure to bump into plenty of competitors on what will hopefully be a balmy summer’s evening. If you’ve never been to the city before and enjoyed a night out here, then you’re in for something of a treat.

But in order to turn the inaugural event into a day to remember, you’ll need to book some clean and comfortable accommodation. That’s where NewcastleGateshead can help you out, as the company is able to offer great hotel accommodation in Newcastle.

By booking your accommodation now, you can also look into organising another activity later in the weekend. Perhaps you want to enjoy a nice lunchtime meal or arrange a trip to the cinema? Well, now you can do exactly that. With so much to see and do in this dynamic city, you’re sure to walk away from the weekend with fond memories.

And what’s more, you can feel proud of the fact that you’ve helped raise some much-needed funds in the process for a worthy cause.