Paddleboat the Mississippi

The first thing you hear is the soft chugging of the engine before the paddleboat glides around a bend in the river. The American Queen comes into view; the red paddles rhythmically churn up the waters of the Mississippi pushing the paddleboat on its way up the grand river towards the city of St Louis, the Gateway to the West.

The American Queen is from a bygone age. An age of riverboat casinos and Southern plantations brought to life in the classic tales of Mark Twain. Yet it is possible to join her and step back in time for an unforgettable holiday experience as she plies the waters of this grand river.

Her route is a classic journey that follows the expansionist dreams of the US at the turn of the nineteenth century as the country expanded its borders westwards out from Ohio and over the Great Plains.

For five days and four nights you can sleep in the luxurious bosom of this great riverboat. There’s plenty to do and keep you entertained, with live music in the great ballrooms, stories and plenty to explore as she makes daily stops along the way. It is a great opportunity to appreciate the history of the region and see its stunning wildlife.

If five nights sounds too much then there are a few other boats on the river, such as the Spirit of Peoria that offer more manageable day trips. It is definitely something that should be experienced if you happen to visit this part of the States.