Red Flags for Landlords to Look for When Screening Renters

You take a risk every time that you rent a place to someone. However, you will be less likely to run into problems if you look out for the red flags. There are a number of bad renter red flags that you should look for when screening people.

The Condition of the Car

The car is typically not what landlords consider when screening potential tenants. However, if the tenant has a car, then you should pay attention to what it looks like. Generally speaking, how someone takes care of their car is how they tend to take care of their home. If front-end body damage and a missing side mirror suggest this person knows first-hand why you need SR22 insurance, it might be a good idea to go with another applicant.

Personal Hygiene

A potential tenant should never have to worry about their age, disability, race, or sex playing a role in whether they are approved to sign a lease. However, personal hygiene is something landlords may want to evaluate before going forward with a particular applicant. Smelly clothes, unkempt appearance, and other signs of a person not taking the time to take care of themselves are potential indicators that they are equally indifferent about the state of their living quarters.

Bad Credit

It is a good idea to do a credit check on every potential tenant. Even if the tenant makes a lot of money, it is still a good idea to do a credit check. A tenant with a good credit score likely does not have a problem paying bills on time. If they can pay their bills on time, then they will likely pay their rent on time.

They Have a Criminal Record

You will also need to do a criminal background check on every tenant. You do not want to have someone with a violent criminal record or history of drug dealing living on your property. Criminal background checks keep you and other people on your property safe. With that said, a criminal record shouldn’t be an instantaneous disqualifier – landlords should consider the severity of the crime or crimes as well as when they happened.

They are Unemployed

It is hard to pay your rent without a job. That is why you should verify that a person is employed before you allow them to rent for you. People who are in between jobs are one of the riskiest people to rent a place to.

They Ask If They can Get a Discount for Rent

Many landlords offer discounts to new tenants. There is nothing wrong with giving a potential tenant discount on the rent. However, if the tenant asks about a discount, then you should consider this a red flag. Tenants who want a discount on rent will likely have a problem paying the rent every month.

It can be difficult to find the right tenant to rent to. That is why it is important to watch out for the red flags. A damaged car, unemployment, bad credit, criminal history, and an unkempt appearance are some of the signs of a bad tenant. You also do not want to rent to someone who uses drugs or has a problem with alcohol.