Restaurant Districts in Ottawa

Ottawa, the Capital City of Canada, has much to offer visitors and residents alike with a vast array of attractions. These include many of the best museums in Canada together with many cultural facilities, interesting historic buildings and affordable hotels.  Complementing this are a number of popular restaurant in districts within the city, each with their own unique type of atmosphere, they are the ideal spot to take your friends. Remember that paying with charge cards gives you even more flexibility than credit ones. You wouldn’t need to worry about your spending limit and you could add far more restaurants to your “to try out” list.

byward market ottowa
The Byward Market area is perhaps the most popular and famous of Ottawa’s restaurant districts. Located to the east of the government and business district, the Byward Market is found on the York, Byward, George and William Streets. Along with a variety of stalls selling fresh produce, crafts and flowers, the Byward Market is home to a large number of restaurants and pubs making it an ideal spot to enjoy lunch or dinner in Ottawa.

Downtown Ottawa is another popular restaurant district within the city. Sparks Street, Bank Street and Elgin Street in particular have a good selection of restaurants together with many interesting independent shops. The cluster of restaurants and shops that can be found on Elgin Street are particularly popular at lunchtime due to the nearby government offices.

For restaurants with an Asian flavour head to the Somerset Heights area located on Somerset Street West from Bay to Rochester. Known as Ottawa’s Asian village, this area has a wide selection of Thai, Chinese and Vietnamese restaurants.

For an Italian flavour visit Ottawa’s Little Italy on Preston Street (north of Dow’s Lake). The area is known locally as Corso Italy and is packed with Italian shops and authentic Italian restaurants. For a true Italian day out, remember to bring your credit card and enjoy some shopping before refuelling at one of the many restaurants.

Head to the Glebe area of Ottawa for more relaxing meal time options. Located on Bank Street from Queensway to Lansdowne Park, the Glebe district was actually the first suburban shopping district in Ottawa. Enjoy the tree lined streets and old homes full of characters while perusing speciality shops and dining in one of the many traditional restaurants.

Ottawa has more restaurants per person in comparison to virtually any other city in Canada and therefore makes for the perfect city to explore the numerous restaurant districts. Arm yourself with your platinum card for greater rewards, meet with friends and family and prepare to enjoy the culinary delights that Ottawa has to offer.