SeaWorld Orlando


Orlando, Florida is famous for its many theme parks, film studios and conventions. Situated in the sunshine state, Florida , and more specifically in Orange County, its mild climate and many sunny days make it an attractive spot for visitors from all over the world. With Florida being a hot spot for tourists, offers flights to Orlando at affordable prices. But not just the visitors, but also the locals, too, are quite fond of their many attractions throughout and around their city.

One park you should definitely visit is SeaWorld Orlando, especially if you have kids. This aquatic park combines fun and entertainment with education and knowledge about life in the sea. While the focus is obviously on entertainment, as is true for all theme parks, the educational aspect covers a huge amount of knowledge about life in the oceans forĀ  marine creatures and how we should do what we can to preserve natures biggest habitat.

The park itself covers about 200 acres of land with a total of ten different rides and several roller coasters. The main attractions, however, are not the rides, they’re the animals. You get to see and learn all about penguins, dolphins, sea turtles, sharks, whales and many more. These animals can be seen in what closely resembles their natural habitat as well as in shows that display the incredible intelligence some of these creatures possess. The trainers do their best to educate the viewers as the animals show off their incredible acrobatic tricks.

The park also has a variety of souvenirs stands and restaurants, most of them nicely integrated in the depicted scenery. You can have lunch with the orca whales and have dinner next to the shark tank. You can even have dinner together with the dolphins, since there’s an area where you can feed them fish.

However, SeaWorld Orlando is not only just about fun, they also have a rescue station and a care station. Their animal rescue teams are on call 24/7 and do their best to rescue animals that have fallen ill, are orphaned, injured or in need of expert care. In the care station of the park, which is not accessible to visitors, animals are treated and consequently prepared to be sent back to their natural habitat. Their commitment to animal well-being has a history of over forty years.

Take into consideration that a visit to this park will fill up a good day, so you might want to take plans as to when the different shows will take place. If you travel with your kids, familiarise them with the map and decide on a meeting point in case you ever get separated. The park’s staff is always available to provide any necessary help.