Skill Building for the Future

If planning a big round-the-world trip just seems to overwhelming in scope at this point in your life, you’re certainly not alone. Some find dropping everything at home and hopping on a plane to be easy, while for others it is a matter of much intensive mental and logistical preparation. In the end, it comes down to personality and preference. If you’re not ready to do any serious travel right now but still want to find ways to enrich your lifestyle, there are plenty of things you can do without leaving your hometown.

Learning or improving skills related to travel is a great way to move towards the appropriate mindset. Taking lessons in a language, joining casual conversation groups that meet regularly, or doing self-study programs can drastically improve your abilities and make transitioning much easier in the future. Having a background in the language before you arrive in a place will be immensely helpful.

Skill building 1Amateur photography is of great interest to many long-term travelers, both as an art form and just to document all of their adventures and amazing cultural, architectural, and natural things that they come across—not to mention the people that they meet. If you want to take better shots, consider taking photography lessons from a professional. It’s not hard to find massively discounted tutors by using websites like Groupon, and the difference in your photos will be remarkable. This is a small but effective investment in not only improving yourself, but also improving the memories that you bring home from future trips.

Skill building 2Taking dance classes is another fun option that you might find comes in handy at home and abroad. Whatever style you’re into, it’s easy to find studios, live music venues, and individual tutors that can teach you the classiest moves. Consider this especially if you have dreams of traveling to Spain, Latin America, or other regions with popular dance forms that you can learn at home and then apply on arrival. Participating through dance is a great way to experience foreign cultures first hand.

Skill building 3But not everything you learn needs to be related to your travels—some things are good skills just for you. Learn to play an instrument or take voice lessons if you’ve always loved music but lack the abilities or confidence to perform. Improve your cooking skills to eat better and arrange meals for family, friends, dates, or other occasions. You can even take a discounted cake baking course if you’re interested in learning how to make gourmet desserts, something sure to impress just about anyone.

So even if you aren’t able to travel right now, there’s no reason to be lazy with your free time. Building your skills, discovering new hobbies, and having fun can all go together without leaving home. Do some research and find what’s best for you.