Spending a Day in Jogjakarta


Calm, rich in history and tradition and full of surprises, Yogyakarta is a town you’ll want to spend a few days in on your trip to Indonesia. The town known also as Jagjakarta or Jog-ji has a unique feeling compared to other cities in Java. It’s rilled with ancient art, temples and palaces and with so much to explore it is a must to visit. If you are looking for ideas on how to spend your time here is a great one-day itinerary.

Day One

Firstly, you’ll want to find a good hotel in Jogja, one located near the centre of the city and close to the attractions. Upon checking in, head out to explore the Kraton, Jogia’s Royal Palace. The grand palace is filled with tiny alleyways, underground tunnels and there are performances on displaying Javanese culture each day in the morning. While you are on the grounds of Kraton make sure to take a short walk over to the Taman Sari Water Castle. The palace was used as the Sultan holiday home in the late 18th century. The words Taman Sari are Javenese that translate to beautiful garden. The complex is filled with lush baths and a complex of pools. The beautiful garden is not to be missed. Finding an English speaking guide at the entrance of the Palace won’t cost you much and will go a long way in helping you to navigate the best of the grounds while getting a good insight into the history.

Next, take a local art class. At the museum of Batik, you can make a typical Yohyakartan piece of art. With a metal tool, beeswax and a piece of cloth, the staff at the museum are happy to show guests how to use ancient techniques to craft your very own Batik. Making a Batik is a great souvenier or gift idea.  Or you can head a few kilometers out of the city to Kota Gede and attempt to design your own silver jewellery. The process is not an easy one so if you are feeling frustrated there is always the option of buying one of the pieces made by a professional silver craftsman.

In the evening enjoy the glowing sun set over Prambanan Temple. This popular temple is built with immense   detail and looks picturesque as the sun goes down over its many protruding peaks.  Once the sun sets you won’t want to leave as the Ramayana Ballet Show begins at 7:30pm. The show is popular with locals and tourists. With the lit up temple as a backdrop the performance featuring traditional Javanese music from centuries ago, this is a finale to a great day you won’t soon forget.

The following day be sure to wake up and visit Sunrise in Borobudur Temple for sunrise. This is the largest Buddhist Temple in the world and is not held together anywhere by concrete or adhesives. It is easy to spend an entire day explore the ancient riches and culture of this masterpiece.