The best apps for taking photos on your travels

Travelling always makes for the perfect opportunity to show off our fantastic, self-professed photography skills. With plenty of sights and experiences, we often get so snap-happy that we often don’t check exactly what we’re taking photos off. That is until we return home to find our memories are mere blurs and thumb prints.

how to take a good photo

One of the main functions of smartphones is that you can download pretty much anything as an app. This of course includes applications to help take and enhance photographs. With most smartphones now coming complete with innovative high pixel cameras as standard; there really shouldn’t be a reason for you to be checking your snaps with more fear than holiday cheer.


With so many to choose from, here are just a few of the best apps on the market. So next time you’re preparing to go travelling, make sure you’ve got these specifically designed apps for taking photographs on your travels.


Instagram – Free to download

If you don’t already have this app on your smartphone, you need to be seriously asking yourself why? Undoubtedly the most popular photography app on the market; Instagram offers the user numerous filters and borders in which to apply to your photo, both before or after you have taken it. With social networking the main place for showing off our holiday snaps; Instagram also comes with added functionality of allowing you to instantly share your masterpiece via the likes of Facebook and Twitter.


Colour Effects – Free to download

This amazing app is a must have for all those who like to show off their artistic skills. Colour Effects not only allows you to turn any colour photograph instantly into a black and white/grey scale image; it also allows you to re-colour the photograph using any colour of your choice. If you want to turn your blonde hair black, this app will let you. Do you want to make a singular item within a photo stand out in bright colours? Well Colour Effects won’t stop you. This app is simply brilliant in every way.


Photosynth – Free to download

Most recent smartphones already allow you to take panoramic photographs; however have you ever tried actually taking one? It is near impossible to simply follow the straight line as it advises to. With Photosynth you can simply snap away and the app will stitch them all together for you. This app is practically flawless and does all the hard work for you. Would you expect any less though from Microsoft?

Snapbucket – Free to download

Created by Photobucket, this handy app allows you to take photographs, choose a style; then share it with all your friends. With similar creativity as Instagram, Snapbucket lets the user apply a variety of style filters, ranging from ghostly to antique. The app also the photo border to be changed, then shared online for all to see.


Adobe Photoshop Express – Free to download

The popular desktop program has now made its way on to the smartphone app market with a bang. With functions such as cropping, rotating and flipping; Adobe Photoshop Express is a very practical app to have. This all singing and dancing application also allows you to change exposure, saturation as well as soften focus. If this wasn’t enough, you can also create a free online account with Photoshop to store up to 2GB of your masterpieces.


A picture really does speak a thousand words, so what are you waiting for?